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After years of research and development, on 2020/03/11, the invention patent of Ginkgo fruit golden Cordyceps was issued by the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the patent number is I687170

In the future, we will continue to develop Cordyceps-related food and health food, and gradually move towards the goal of developing new plant drugs

In order to maintain the oral health of hairy children, we started to develop "pet enzyme oral spray"

Launched Glycoactive Enzyme Toothpaste, from the perspective of preventive medicine, allowing consumers to choose non-toxic, environmentally friendly, natural and high-quality oral health care products

Since brushing can only clean a quarter of the mouth, in order to comprehensively take care of the oral health of consumers, we began to develop fermented mouthwash and fermented oral spray.

Entered into mainland China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets

​Increased industry-university cooperation with Far East University of Science and Technology, approved by the National Science and Technology Association, stationed in Tainan Science Park to study products related to cardiovascular health functions, and obtained the SBIR "Local Industry Innovation R&D Promotion Program" ' subsidy

Join the Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance to accelerate the integration of production, learning and research resources

Formally established Hongrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and cooperated with National Cheng Kung University and National Chiayi University to develop a series of sugar vitality products.

1. Herbal Compound Active Polysaccharide-Zhen Polysaccharide

2. Plant active nutrients-Qinrun.

These two products won the Taiwan Excellent Quality Award and the Taiwan Biotechnology Award as soon as they were launched.

Chairman Mr. Chen Shanrun was awarded the Top 100 Entrepreneurs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

The founder of Hongrun Biotechnology, Mr. Chen Shanrun, together with several domestic and foreign doctors, scholars and industry experts gathered together to develop how to make people receive vegan, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and earth-saving natural plant extracts of nutritional health food


The oral health care product line has been improved, and the combination of Glyco-enzyme toothpaste, Glyco-enzyme mouthwash and Glyco-enzyme oral spray is the "Three Treasures of Glycogeny Oral", which is deeply loved and trusted by consumers

​Officially launched "Glycodynamic Pet Enzyme Oral Spray", with Medical Pet Technology as the general agent, specializing in animal hospitals, animal clinics and other professional channels

Completion of Ginkgo Cordyceps cultivation and verification test, and filed a patent registration application for Ginkgo Cordyceps

The laboratory started a product development project of Ginkgo Cordyceps, focusing on the health effects of Cordyceps polysaccharides on hypoglycemia and liver and kidney health, and started to cultivate, verify the efficacy, and develop products of Ginkgo Cordyceps

The active polysaccharide of the polysaccharide and the active phytonutrients of the tandoori compound have passed the exclusive quality label SNQ certification (nutritional health food/health food group), which is an intangible value in the health food industry.


Started to transfer the company's two core technologies, active polysaccharides and herbal enzymes, supplemented by a number of plant extracts, from the health care field to the development of daily necessities, hoping to bring consumers high-quality products that are healthy and friendly to the environment


Formally entered into the development of nutritional supplements that combine biomedicine with nutrition and health care. Based on the concept of prevention is better than cure, a biotechnology company with this purpose was established to produce vegan, environmentally friendly, and naturally harmless products.

​Hongrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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