Herbal Medicine Technology

Immune System:Active Polysaccharide


It is rich in the compound of herbal polysaccharides such as oyster mushroom, aloe vera, wolfberry, etc. Use of purification technology to synthesize eight kinds of monosaccharides to activate the physiological function, regulate physique, and nourish and strengthen the body.

Exclusive plants enzyme

A variety of medicinal plants are carefully selected and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms introduced from Japan. With scientifically controlled fermentation process which has been verified by the laboratory to inhibit the formation of bacteria.

Oral Care

Home Run Biotechnology

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed that “Oral health is the foundation of whole body health.” Home Run Biotechnology uses oral preventive health care to protect your entire body health.

Non-toxic Clean

Natural plant enzymes and a variety of plant extracts, no surfactants, environmental hormones, non-toxic products to create a clean living home.

Health Products

The active polysaccharides and a number of plant extracts had won the Taiwan Biotechnology Award and the Excellent Quality Award. Adjusting body functions, nutrition and keep your health healthy.

Pet Oral Care

Give your pet a active polysaccharides and natural plant enzymes is the highest-standard health care to solve pets’ most common oral health problems





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