Plant Enzyme

Exclusive plant enzyme

Gather the team of professional doctors and after two years of research and development process, repeated tests of various plants and strains, we selected a variety of beneficial vegetation and inoculated with friendly microbes introduced from Japan. Finally, we launched the exclusive plant enzyme stock. The stock solution was tested by the university laboratory in cooperation with industry and academia. In addition to the evaluation of efficacy and safety, related antibacterial experiments were also carried out.

Selected special plant extracts

With these active polysaccharide and natural plant enzyme stock solution as two bases, supplemented with a variety of selected plant extracts, such as: olive leaf polyphenols (沁润) that has been listed as a natural health supplement by the US FDA; rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E grapefruit seed extract (Enzyme mouthwash, Oral spray), moisturizing factor favored by beauty care products – plant squalene (Enzyme oral spray), whitening skin, promoting its metabolism White Phalaenopsis Extract (Enzyme Facial wash).

In addition

  • Passed detection test by chemical bactericide (triclosan, crocetin)
  • No chemical antioxidants added (passed test by BHA, BHT)
  • No antibiotics, steroids…added (through 312 western medicine tests)
  • All ingredients passed pesticides test

The texture is purely natural, rich in mild plant formula, with unique special maintenance