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Ginkgo Golden Cordyceps Militaris

R&D of New Plant-Based Drug - Holy grail health supplement to fight cancer and nurture body health


Ginkgo Golden Cordyceps Militaris

The only one of its kind in the world--High-performing and nutritious Cordyceps health supplement

Research began in 2015 in Southern Taiwan Science Park and after five and a half years later, the world’s only “Cordyceps” cultivated by Ginkgo Biloba was developed. Experiments have proved that the “cordycepin” in the developed Cordcyeps is rich in nutritional value and is highly edible, providing medicinal and health-nurturing value to produce miraculous benefits for human health.


Home Run Biotech received the patent for the invention by the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on March 11th, 2020.

About Ginkgo Golden Cordyceps Militaris


Home Run Biotech selects Ginkgo Biloba with the highest nutritional value to cultivate Cordyceps Militaris,

whereby the function of the “cordycepin” ingredient exceeds that of the Cordyceps Sinensis that grows in the wild, and further exceeds the content of traditional Cordyceps Sinensis by a mile.

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About Ginkgo Golden Cordyceps Militaris

Ginkgo biloba is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine in China, so ginkgo fruit is used as the substrate for cultivating golden cordyceps. Because of its high nutritional value, it is often used to prevent brain aging, Alzheimer's disease, and promote peripheral blood circulation.

Home Run Biotech’s Technology to Capture Bacteria

Most of the commercially available Golden Cordyceps are purchased from “Cordyceps fungi” to cultivate Cordyceps, thus making it difficult to ensure the stability of the strain. However, as Home Run Biotech owns the technology that allows us to capture bacteria by ourselves, we can ensure the quality of the strain and the ability to cultivate Golden Cordyceps with high nutritional value without needing to purchase it from an external source.

Patent Certificate from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Cultivation of Cordyceps Militaris (Golden Cordyceps) Patented Technology

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Ginkgo fruit golden cordyceps patent certificate

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