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Hongrun Biotechnology - the leader of preventive medicine

Natural, non-toxic, vegan, the best choice for maintaining health


The upholding of Hongrun Biotechnology

Adhere to the original intention of "natural, safe, vegan", and use the two cores of exclusive research and development of "ginkgo fruit golden cordyceps", "active polysaccharides" and "natural plant enzymes" to develop "health care" and "oral care" series products .

Herbal R&D Technology

Adhere to the provision of pure natural raw materials, and use its own experimental team and external medical team to develop health care raw materials, hoping to convey the correct concept of preventive health care and achieve human health.

Research Technology Space

Established from the factory and research space, the pursuit of high quality, peace of mind

Product development

With the exclusive research and development of "active polysaccharides" and "natural plant enzymes" as two core technologies, a series of products are developed.


​Oral Care


Healthy food


​skin cleansing

latest news

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Hongrun Biotechnology-Virus Research

Enzyme mouthwash, oral spray, anti-Omicron virus research

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