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​Brand Concept

Founded in 2008, Hongrun Biotechnology has been adhering to the original intention of "natural, safe and vegan" for ten years. It uses the two cores of exclusive research and development of "active polysaccharides" and "natural plant enzymes" to develop "health care" and "health care". The "Oral Care" series of products have penetrated into consumers' lives from daily maintenance products, bringing consumers a new revolution in daily necessities, and at the same time, they have written an important new page for the value upgrade and diversified application of Taiwan's biotechnology industry.

​natural herbs

Through modern precision technology, analysis and evidence, and combining the two forces of nature and science, we can improve the environmental protection of the body.

​Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

The raw materials and finished products have passed the test and are free of pesticides, western medicines, heavy metals, and environmental hormones, returning to the original and pure life.

​Vegan Living

Adhere to vegan raw materials, reject animal products and processed products, and be friendly to creatures and the environment.

R & D technology space

With forward-looking planning and a macro vision, the R&D laboratory continues to introduce various sophisticated equipment and professionals, focusing on improving the level of R&D technology. It is hoped that through new research and development, optimized efficacy, quality verification, combined with natural materials and science and technology, we will strive to develop biotech products with the highest performance.


Create quality with rigorous manufacturing process and precision equipment

In order to ensure product quality, efficacy and safety, a complete and comprehensive quality control system has also been established. From raw material quality control, formula design to finished products, each step of component separation, purification and extraction has undergone biochemical tests and toxicity tests. , Efficacy analysis, on the basis of scientific verification, strict control at every level, to provide customers with top-quality products.

​Hongrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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