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​Ginkgo Golden Cordyceps

The world's only research and development, high efficacy and nutritional Cordyceps tonic

Selected from the high nutritional value of ginkgo fruit cultivated Cordyceps, its "cordycepin" functional components are more than the content of wild Cordyceps, and far more than the traditional Cordyceps many times.


Hongrunzhen Polysaccharide

The King of the Immune System - Active Polysaccharide

Extracted from active physical raw materials, active polysaccharides can participate in and promote various physiological functions and metabolic reactions in the body to achieve the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body, regulating immune function, anti-aging, anti-tumor and lowering blood sugar and blood lipids.

Exclusive plant enzyme stock solution

Selected plants, friendly maintenance

Extracted from natural organic plant raw materials, and based on active polysaccharides and selected value extracts, it is applied to natural health care products, natural health care products, and beauty care products to promote metabolism and whiten skin.

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